Glock 17 OEM lower receiver frame parts kits


Glock 19 OEM lower receiver parts kits

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Glock 17 lower receiver parts kit with the following OEM factory parts

Manufacturer Part #:
SP00350                 OEM Trigger Spring
SP00427                 OEM Trigger Housing Pin
SP00420                OEM Trigger  Pin
SP04368                 OEM  Locking Block Pin
SP05446                OEM Slide Lock Spring
SP00343                OEM Connector, 5 pound
SP00322                OEM 9mm Trigger Housing with Ejector
SP02303                OEM17 trigger with bar
SP00301                OEM Slide Lock
SP39543                OEM Magazine Catch Spring
SP00287                OEM Magazine Catch
SP02919                OEM Slide Stop Lever


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